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Fees & Payments

The following is a list of our clinic fees and information relating to paying for your consultation:

Doctors/Nurse Fees

Consultation – Under 18 Student €50.00
Return surgery visit (within 1 week with same complaint or GP’s discretion)€40.00
Consultation & blood test€70.00
Extended consultation (list of conditions)€80.00
Consultation & Injection (Intra Mus) (PR. INS)€80.00
Menopause consultation€90.00
Blood test for Medical Card patients (3 times per year)€20.00
Single prescription (Once off medication)€20.00
Repeat prescription€30.00
Nurse consultation€35.00
Nurse – Bloods€40.00
Phlebotomist – Bloods€40.00
Nurse consult (where nurse consults with doctor)€50.00
Letter/forms filled€25.00
Repeat Sick Certs (Need to see GP for first cert.)€20.00
Ear syringed (by nurse)€60.00
Smear & HPV – Private€150.00
Smear & HPV & Bloods – Private€185.00
Medical for employment – Basic€100.00
Eye Sight Report / Driving license Medical€50.00
Pill Check – Doctor / Nurse
(Free for 17 -30 years)
Fees updated 20th March 2023

Paying For Your Consultation

  • All accounts are payable on the day of your visit. We can accept cash, cheque or credit/debit cards for payment. You can also request a link to be sent to your phone by Billink.
  • All transactions are receipted, please make sure to request receipt. Please keep your receipts for claiming from private health insurance. 
  • Claiming tax back on medical expenses
    Did you know that you can claim tax back on medical expenses (subject to an annual excess)? Visit for more details.
  • Claiming Health Expenses:
    The Med 1 form is no longer available for claiming health expenses. Health expenses can now be claimed through your Income Tax Return. If you are a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) taxpayer, you also have the option to claim relief in real time during the year. You can claim relief on health expenses through myAccount or Revenue Online Service (ROS).
  • Insurance:
    VHI, Laya & Irish Life all offer money back on GP visits. The amount that is refunded by your insurance company varies according to which plan you have.  We cover certain procedures, e.g. cryotherapy, joint injections & minor surgery.  Check with your insurance company as to what is covered.  

If you require any further information relating to fees, cryo, BP monitor etc., please contact Main Street Clinic.